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Conterst New Talent 1st Place Janaia_001Conterst New Talent 1st Place Janaia_002Conterst New Talent 1st Place Janaia_003Conterst New Talent 1st Place Janaia_004Contest Cabaret solo !st Place Gameela_001Contest Cabaret solo !st Place Gameela_002contest Cabaret Solo 2nd place Julia_001contest Cabaret Solo 2nd place Julia_002Contest Cabaret Solo 3rd place Evangeline_001Contest New Talent 2nd Place Yukari_001Contest New Talent 2nd Place Yukari_002Contest New Talent 3 Place Jess_001Contest New Talent 3 Place Jess_002Contest New Talent 3 Place Jess_003Contest Peoples Choice Gameela_001Contest peoples Choice Henna and Kohl_001Contest peoples Choice Henna and Kohl_002Contest peoples Choice Henna and Kohl_003Contest Peoples Choice Yukari_001Contest Peoples Choice Yukari_002